What’s next in the Planet Lab?

This is a tough time to cope with the International Space Station spacecraft. This was due to three spacecraft missile tests (Russia’s Progress, SpaceX’s Dragon, and Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus) that did not match the results of the results.
Planet Lab can be used as a company that can not get information just because of previous reasons. The Planet Lab team did not give up. Space was packed with SpaceX and 34 other satellites. This SpaceX satellite has been able to provide information from the Earth by observing the Earth at regular intervals.

Our hopes of breaking down attempts are a great shock to us

Robbie Schingler, president of Planet Labs, told Discovery News.

Planet Labs sent their Dove satellite 2 to spaceX as soon as possible. But only one of them succeeded orally. This happened a few months ago. They also say that 14 more spacecraft are expected to be sent to a space station established in Japan.
Planet Lab was launched a few years ago by satellite-converging satellites. It employs about 100 more mini-satellites.
Planet Lab has made a net profit of $ 183 million for a period of 4 years, and their earnings increase every day, but they have not yet definitely reported their gross income.
Also, the number of those who have been employed by their company are increasing day by day. Last year about 65 workers have become 145 in this year.

Planet Lab’s main branch is located in San Francisco and is located in Texas and Washington, DC.
Planet Lab’s orbit in space is close to three dozen (3 dozen) satellites. Most of these are between 6 and 9 months of operation life. Although the operating time is short, it provides the necessary information in the timeframe for the operation process. The new satellite will be orbited by extending the operating period from 2 to 5 years.
With the advancements in technology, the resolution will be capable of orbiting satellites with a resolution of 3m to 5m per mega pixel, with a higher resolution camera.
Planet Lab has planned to obtain more information from orbiting more than 100 sub-satellites.
They are now working together with their sponsoring companies to investigate these issues, but it is possible that this information may continue until the speed and capacity levels of the data reveal it. The investigative teams say that this information could reveal natural factors and commercial factors on Earth.

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